A fun and competitive passing league meant to showcase an athlete’s skill sets in a non - contact way. There has been a rapid growth over the past several years in 7V 7 passing leagues and now almost 1 million students are participating in this off - season activity.


This is a great way for athletes to work with qualified coaches to develop their skills while competing in off - season leagues, tournaments, and other national events that will prepare them for their upcoming season.   


Elite Training Academy offers one of the PNW’s TOP developmental, 7V7 Football Programs. We’re proud to host such a comprehensive and competitive football - curriculum for our High School and Middle School athletes. Our 7V7 Football athletes not only compete in local leagues, but also attend Nationally recognized tournaments, allowing them even further exposure.


Our ELITE 7V7 Program is unique. We strive to better our athletes as they get ready for their Middle School and High School Football Season. Our experienced staff of coaches and trainers, understand the value placed in preparing your mind and body during the off - season. The 7V7 program addresses position - specific training, overall athletic development, mental toughness, speed, agility, strength, endurance, nutrition and chalk - talk. We cover it all.    




Our goal is two - fold: 1. to DEVELOP athletes, and prepare them to compete and win, AND 2. to DEVELOP young men to be positive members in their communities. We push our athletes physically with our rigorous, and all - inclusive training programs, and keep their minds sharp with film study and chalk talk. We understand that 7V7 is a tool to help our athletes prepare for MS and HS Football. And with that in mind, we will get our 7V7 athletes some added exposure and will win games along the way. However, our ultimate goal is to get them back to their regular programs ready to perform at an ELITE level .