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Our Story

Welcome to the ETA Family. 

The ETA facility was introduced to Snohomish County in 2014 after owner, Michael Bumpus, recognized the need for an effective athletic training facility in the area. Mr. Bumpus desired a space that prepared and recognized the talent in Snohomish County and the PNW area. The ETA space has hosted thousands of athletes since its inception in 2014. 


ETA believes that with our influence, it is also our responsibility to build the leaders of the future and athletics is our medium. Fueled by a philosophy rooted in humility, unmatched work ethic, and commitment to excellence, the ETA family has grown every year. Our most successful program is the ETA 7v7 Football Program- what started out as 7 athletes who trained at ETA has grown from one, 7-man team, to 8 fully rostered teams ranging from elementary to high school.

ETA has become a premier indoor athletic training facility. ETA Trainers and Coaches strive to bring clients the best, most diverse, comprehensive and thorough training in the PNW.

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About Us: Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission: Empowering athletes of all backgrounds and disciplines, our mission at ETA is to provide unparalleled coaching expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. We aim to be your ultimate training destination, offering a wide array of athletic development resources, tailored to your unique needs and goals. Welcome to a world of athletic excellence and limitless potential.


Vision: At ETA, our vision is to cultivate a tight-knit, community-driven environment centered around family values, exceptional work ethic, and unwavering character. We are dedicated to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow within our local communities.


Program Goals:


  • Champion Your Attitude and Effort: Take control of your mindset and effort, always giving your best.

  • Embrace Technique and Coaching: Trust in your training and the guidance of our coaches.

  • Respect Always: Treat others with respect, both on and off the field.

  • Learn from Mistakes: View errors as stepping stones to improvement.

  • Eager to Learn: Stay open to new knowledge and skills.

  • Master Self-Control: Develop discipline and self-control in all aspects of your life.


  • Stay Committed and Consistent: Maintain unwavering dedication to your goals.

  • Follow Through: Do what you promise, both to yourself and your teammates.

  • Accountability Matters: Hold yourself accountable for your actions, words, and commitments.

  • Consistency in Actions and Attitude: Be steadfast in your behavior, words, and outlook.


  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Embrace the opportunity for growth in every challenge.

  • Own Your Attitude: Take responsibility for your mindset and outlook.

  • Value the Journey: Prioritize the process over the final outcome.

  • Set New Goals, Achieve More: Continuously set new goals upon achieving the old ones.

  • Exemplify Integrity: Uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethics.


  • Lead in the Community: Serve as a role model and leader within the broader community.

  • Foster Connections: Build meaningful relationships and show genuine interest in others.

  • Give Back Locally: Contribute to your local community through volunteering.

  • Be a Social Leader: Lead by example in your social circles.

  • Pave the Way for the Future: Set a positive example for those who follow in your footsteps.


Community Partners/Sponsorships:
Boys and Girls Club, Monroe
Legends Baseball 
Lake Stevens Football 
Lake Stevens Volleyball 
Monroe Football 
Monroe Boys Select Basketball
Monroe Baseball 
Monroe Cheer 
National Night Out Against Crime
Sky Valley Baseball 

Community Service:
Big Heart Big Smile Foundation
Take The Next Step
Cleats for Cancer
Monroe Chamber of Commerce
Rotary of Monroe


Alongside our ongoing commitment to community service and sponsorships, 
Elite Training Academy has proudly provided more than $700,000 in scholarships to our 7v7 athletes since 2019. 

Meet The Team

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