At ETA, we take great pride in the culture we are building and our commitment to treating the members of our ETA family with dignity and respect. In a world that seeks to divide us, we strive for unification. 

Our Mission

Provide holistic athletic development; body, mind, and virtue, by means of educational, functional, innovative training that meets the health, fitness, and athletic needs of our clients.

Our Vision

Continuing the development of a family centered community, that embodies uncommon work ethic, and puts a premium on unwavering character. The purpose being to serve our local communities by developing leaders of the future.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment

  • Consistency

  • Courtesy

  • Ingenuity

  • Integrity

  • Perseverance

  • Persistence

  • Respect

  • Self-Control

  • Self-Reflection

The Way We Train

At ETA, our trainers possess the talent to train athletes from a variety of sports. Our diverse backgrounds, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence in our endeavors allow us to offer the tools of success to a wide variety of athletes.


However, we are fully aware of our limitations, and by consequence, have developed unique methods of training and planning that allow us to serve the diversity of athletes that we do. 

The Following is how we characterize the training experiences we offer.





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So what training is right for you? Understanding what kind of training is appropriate for your athlete(s) is essential to our ability to develop them appropriately. But we're also here to help you through that decision. You can learn more about our intake process on our Private Training page.


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