ICE WR Training

ICE stands for I Catch Everything.

Coach JT, D1 WR (WSU0 and HS WR Coach, can't wait to lead athletes grades 6+ through these WR sessions.

During these sessions, each athlete will learn everything they need to know about the WR position. Route running, stances, releases, hand eye coordination, footwork, breaks and technique will be addressed during the group sessions. These athletes will meet twice per week for 6 weeks beginning June 15th.

Youth: Wednesday's 5-6pm, Saturday's 9-10am

HS: Wednesday's 6-7:30pm, Saturday's 10-11:30pm

$495 for all 6 Weeks of Training (12 Sessions)

$65 Drop-In rate

Gym Equipments

ETA's Athlete Development Program

This program is designed for athletes of all sports. 

Coach Andrew, former D1 football athlete and CSCS Strength trainer, will focus on developing your athlete's fundamental movements, strength and conditioning, speed, agility and explosiveness.


HS Athletes will meet Mon - Fri from 8am-10am

MS Athletes will meet Mon - Fri from 10:30am-12pm 

$895 for ALL 40 sessions ( the complete 8-Week program)

$65 Drop In rate


Come to EVERY session or customize your athletes workout schedule this summer.


1:1 or Small
Group Training 

Choose from one of our professional coaches to work with. Your trainer will work with you to map out your unique athletic and fitness goals to customize your program. Your trainer will guide you through these custom-designed workouts, hold you accountable, and motivate you every step of the way.


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7v7 Tryouts

The 7V7 program addresses position-specific training, overall athletic development, character development, mental toughness, speed, agility, strength, endurance, nutrition, and chalk-talk. We cover it all.

ETA focuses on the development of a family centered community, that embodies uncommon work ethic, and puts a premium on unwavering character. 

It's the ETA way. 

HS Tryouts: August 6th at 1pm

Youth Tryouts: August 6th at 11am